Project Leadership Development

The Project Leadership Institute is dedicated to providing world-class training for project leaders. Our transformational programme consists of three modules that help our participants to locate and expand the source of their leadership:



All modules are highly interactive, practical and comprehensive. They increase the participants’ self-awareness and help them develop into authentic project leaders. When a leader is authentic, there is alignment between what they say, do, think and feel. 


Our highly praised programme doesn't just speak to the rational mind. It also addresses the heart and the soul. In the Personal Deep Dive for instance, the participants reflect on their personal and professional journey and the life events that have shaped them. They also create a personal and professional goal map and identify how their goals link to their personal values. During the High Performing Team challenge the participants get the opportunity to coach each other, to tell a story from their heart and to practice their visionary speeches. 


Experiential learning is a key ingredient in all three modules. When the participants get to practice challenging conversations with an actor, they are able to identify thinking patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them and try out more effective ways of interacting.  


For the programme to be as effective and transformational as possible, we provide a fun and safe environment. Working in a variety of smaller breakout groups is an effective way for the participants to open up and explore who they are as leaders. It builds trust across the participants and enables them to get feedback and learn from their peers. 


Although peer-to-peer discussions, experiential learning and facilitator-led training is vital in creating new insight, it’s the real-world application that enables the participants to make a positive change. For this reason, the programme is supported by personal assignments, line management involvement, online forum and one-2-one coaching. 


Already after the first module we see that the programme has a positive effect on the participants' projects, teams and organisation. As a result of the training our delegates have an increased level of emotional intelligence and are better able to create high trust environments, sustainable client relationships and improved delivery.


We are happy to say that the content and structure of our comprehensive programme is rooted in sound practices and backed by research. In the 4th edition of Peter Hawkins’ popular book Leadership Team Coaching, he writes that according to research, leadership development is most effective when:


  • It is based on real challenges that are current for the participants
  • It enables participants to transform behaviours live in the workshop and in coaching sessions
  • It involves real stakeholder perspectives and feedback
  • It addresses limiting assumptions, mindsets and habitual patterns
  • Participants learn together with colleagues and practice collaboration skills


You can read more about our transformational leadership programme here.