Who is the Project Leadership Institute?

The Project Leadership Institute is a world-class learning organisation. Founded by people with extensive experience and passion for development, our mission is to build authentic project leaders by engaging the heart, the soul and the mind. 


Our aim is to create real results, not just for our participants and their projects, but also for the wider organisation and the client. As a result of leadership development our participants become true role models. They become more conscious about how to collaborate and engage the team, and what it takes to improve the project's performance. 


What is our philosophy?

We believe that authentic leadership is one of the most important attributes for people who run projects. When a person is authentic there is harmony between what they think, feel, say and do. On the other hand, if this alignment is not present, the project manager may be neither trustworthy nor inspiring.

The goal of our project leadership programme is to help the participants locate and expand the source of their leadership. True leadership doesn’t come from emulating others. Nor does it come  from blindly following a specific set of rules. It is a deeply personal approach, which is rooted in who we are as people. This is why our leadership programme begins with the Personal Deep Dive module where we invite the delegates to look in the mirror. Using a variety of reflective exercises they come to understand how the events of their life have shaped them as a leader.


How do we train?

Our diverse set of exercises creates insight and awareness. With that comes the ability to choose the right responses to challenging project situations. As facilitators we provide a safe environment for participants to open up and explore who they are as leaders. We thereby give them the space – and confidence – to try out new approaches.


All our modules are highly interactive and practical. We know that people have different preferences and learning styles. To engage all types, we work with varying group sizes and different learning methods, including theory, reflective exercises, NLP, peer learning, feedback, personality profiling and experiential learning.  


Although theory and reflection are vital in creating new insight, it’s practice and feedback that will really help the participants to make a positive change.